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Duration: September 2020 - January 2021

Primary Role: Product Designer

Other Roles: UX designer, Market Researcher, Business Partner 

Team: Allyson Yu, Chloe Gehret 

Scope: Fox School of Business Innovative Idea Competition 


Innovative Idea Competition

I entered a business incubator pitch competition at the Fox School of Business.  During the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic, my team, Sanitime, thought of a way to bring fun and creative solution to college students at Temple University. 

Market Research

Bringing the Physical into the Digital 

Inspiration was taken from the infamous CocaCola Freestyle machines. Customers can select various drinks and mix them as they please into one stream. 


Creating a human-centric design was key.  I created a working prototype that encapsulates the mix and matches attitude while invoking feelings of cleanlinessness and fun. 

Wireframe prototype of 4 main screens in Sanitime App

1 – 7.png
2 – 2.png
2 – 4.png
2 – 5.png


The competition concluded with a business pitch presentation showcasing the Sanitime prototype. My team was awarded the People's Choice award in the competition.  Though bringing a business idea to life on a screen was challenging, it was a great learning experience designing my first user interface and getting to explore design tools such as Sketch and Adobe XD.

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